Looking forward to 2021


After a bit of a whirlwind year we’re busy preparing for the coming season. We are taking bookings for the coming season now. You can book you stay in confidence with a 50% deposit and our Covid refund policy. For the coming season we are working hard to get our site up and running again for you all to enjoy. … Read More

Autumn Camping in Pembrokeshire


Some may think that the camping season is over as soon as we hit September and school starts. However, we think there is plenty of reasons to still dust of the camping gear for autumn. Lie-ins Late mornings can be enjoyed by staying in bed just a little long since your tent won’t turn into a sauna as soon as … Read More

Things to do in Pembrokeshire – Kayaking


A girl kayaking in a yellow boat out of Abereiddi beach and the blue lagoon in Pembrokeshire near Fishguard. Kayaking is an excellent way to explore Pembrokeshire's coastal national park. Kayaking day trips and tours can be booked at number of operators across the county. All offering guided adventures around Pembrokeshire by kayak. You can often expect to see numerous wildlife while kayaking such as birds, seals, porpoise, dolphins, crabs and jelly fish.

Kayaking in Pembrokeshire   Kayaking is such a fantastic way to get out doors. Not only as a physical activity but also an an invigorating experience in nature.  This is especially so if you get to spend some time kayaking around the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The craft means that lots of people can take part, including those that are … Read More

Things to do in Pembrokeshire – Cycling


A blue road bike, stood against a carn on Garn Fawr, near Fishguard with a view out to sea, where Strumble lighthouse can be made out in the distance. Cycling from Glasfryn Escapes campsite, through Goodwick and then onto St.Davids via the coast road, following the Pembrokeshire National Coast Path.

Cycling is a great way to experience the county of Pembrokeshire. Travelling by bike means you’ll often find hidden treasures missed by other travellers. There are secret single track roads, quite coffee shops and of course wonderful view points. There are plenty of ways embark on exploring Pembrokeshire’s wonders. Road cycling is by far the most popular method although there … Read More

Things to do in Pembrokeshire – Surfing


Panorama of Freshwater West, with wonderful yellow sand and surf for surfing. It's located in the South of Pembrokeshire, only 36 miles from Glasfryn Escapes Campsite in Fishguard.

Surfing Surfing in Pembrokeshire is one of the simplest and easiest sports to access and have a go at. You’ll need some kind of board…a surf board, body board, skim board, paddle board, a plank of wood?! All sorts of boards are available to hire at beaches across Pembrokeshire. If you don’t have you own, equipment  for all sizes can … Read More

Things to do in Pembrokeshire – Coasteering


A view of the Blue Lagoon from the ruined towers of the slate quarry at Abereiddy, Pembrokeshire near St. Davids in West Wales, this is an excellent place for coasteering. It is a disused slate quarry now famous for swimming. A blucket list location to visit, with it bright green/blue waters, towering cliff sides and ruins from the industrial period. It was also the site of several Red Bull cliff diving competitions.

What is Coasteering? Coasteering can be defined as; ‘exploring the coast at sea level’. This usually involves several, mostly optional elements. Swimming – The idea of the adventure swimming is to move around in the water to access different places along the coast. These places are often inaccessible by foot giving you a unique perspective on the Pembrokeshire coastline often … Read More

Camp Fires


Camp fires or barbecues are an essential part of the summer season and camping trips. They are messermisingly beautiful, just sat watching the flames and sparks go up into the night. Not only wonderful to look at they are also useful. Cooking on an open fire has its own challenges and rewards but it can be done. What’s more enjoyable … Read More

Visit Wales 2018 – Year of the Sea


Image of Barafundle Bay near Stackpole Quay in Pembrokeshire during the sunshine in summer with clear blue water and cloudless skies.

This year Visit Wales’, Year of the Sea will be helping to celebrate the sea and other waterways of Wales. The Wales Coast Path, opened in 2012. It’s the world’s first continuous coastal path, meaning you can now explore 870 miles of the Welsh coast. Its travels as close as possible to the sea at all times. Travelling from North … Read More