Things to do in Pembrokeshire – Kayaking

Kayaking in Pembrokeshire


Kayaking is such a fantastic way to get out doors. Not only as a physical activity but also an an invigorating experience in nature.  This is especially so if you get to spend some time kayaking around the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. The craft means that lots of people can take part, including those that are less mobile or physically able.  Setting off around the beautiful inlets, coves and cliffs along the coast in Pembrokeshire you are sure to see some unforgettable sites. Travelling by kayak has a unique perspective in the area you may have visited before.

At sea level, caves and inlets are explore-able. These may have been missed by when on top of the cliffs. Other wildlife is also often visible on trips due to the close proximity of the sea. Crabs and jellyfish are easily identifiable and commonly found around the Pembrokeshire coast. The quietness of the transport also helps to see seals, dolphins and porpoise.

There are two main types of kayak that people find when wanting to have a go a kayaking:

Sit on top – A sit on top is better suited to a beginner as they are very stable. There is lots of room for sitting on and don’t require too much skill and practice to manoeuvre. This type of kayak is excellent for all ages and abilities due to its near indestructible construction, easy to carry and quick to get in and out of.

Sit in –  As it says on the tin. You sit inside the boat with a ‘deck’ to keep the water out. This kayak often requires a slightly high skill level due to the shape as they are longer and narrower. However this does mean they are easily for travelling longer distances.


Who to go kayaking with?

Kayak-king – This tour operator isn’t like others! The team at Kayak-king focus on fun! Their tours are based from Lower Town harbour in Fishguard. They use sit on kayaks so that almost anyone can do it. A 2 hour adventure consists of kitting up and an informative but fun safety brief, then its onto the water to explore Fishguard Bay. The  guides ensure people get the most out of the experience by tailoring the sessions to their guests. You can expect tails of local pirates, games, meeting the local fishermen and seeing all sorts of wildlife.

Sea Kayak Guides – This excellent company is more for the intermediate and expereinced paddlers. They offer training course to improve on all kayaking skills and practises. The guides also organise bespoke Pembrokeshire paddling tours. These can be half day sessions to multi-day expeditions along the Pembrokeshire coast. Travelling on sit-in boats designed to travel further with ease means guests can see wonderful stretches of sea.

A couple kayaking with Kayak-king from Fishguard. A tour operator guides guests from Lower Town, Fishguard on site seeing and exploring the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park via kayak. Families, couple and groups can experience the safety of the harbour and then venture further around Fishguard Bay to see caves, scheduled covers and wildlife along this stretch of coast. All this wonderful scenery is minutes from Glasfryn Escapes campsite meaning its only a quick dash back to get a hot shower.

Maybe kayaking doesn’t seem like something that would float your boat? Why not have a look into surfing?